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Goa,Colva Beach - information

Colva Beach is located 6 kilometers from the southern city of Goa (madgao), Margaon. It is the most visited beach by tourists amidst crowded and noisy liquor. Its beach area is found from Bogmalo Beach in the north to Cabo De Rama Beach in the south. Colva Beach is one of the other beautiful beaches in Goa. Which tourists from all over the world have their presence here. And even every tourist visiting Goa must visit Colva Beach. And at the same time, like other beaches in South Goa, 

The white sand of Colva Beach attracts its beauty even more. Coconut tree is common here. But with this coconut water gives a different feeling. Which is easily available in every direction of Goa. Shek and a variety of restaurants around Colva Beach provide you all the facilities. And even every tourist who comes to Colva beach goes excitedly. This is the kind of activity on Colva Beach. That you will be surprised after seeing, Paragliding, Banana Boat, and Bote Riding on Colva Beach. goes. And in the night time, with the waves of this beach, the air here enchants every person. The serene atmosphere of Colva Beach proves to be good for two lovers as well as tourists.

1. What can you do after coming to, Colva beach

There are many such activities on Colva Beach. Which you can easily do after coming here. Such as

1.1. Water sports, like other sea side beaches of Goa, water sports is a popular sport on Colva beach. Which will be available to you very easily, and you can also enjoy this game. Let me tell you that through parasliding in water sports, you make a big rounding of the sea on Colva Beach. Whose rope is tied to 1 boat. And at that time, the view from above seens amazing and supernatural. To enjoy perasliding, ₹ 700 rupaye in the off season and up to ₹ 1000 in the On Season.

1.2. In the midst of all this you can also enjoy swimming around the beach. Here you will find a variety of options through which you can enjoy swimming. Such as boat riding, motor boat, banana boat and jets, there will be many other such means which you can take advantage of.

1.3. You can spend a wonderful time walking along the white sands of Colva Beach. In this stressful life, this beach also gives you a sense of freshness. And can also have a picnic with your family. And even you can see the creatures flying inside the sea above the sea.

1.4. Shopping,

If you like shopping. So here on Colva Beach you will find various types of colorful desi exotic clothes easily, in which you will find old books of different kinds of jewelery and the seas that are wandering inside the sea, as well as shoes, slippers and other types of items. Time will be available, and you will also get to buy a variety of souvenirs and artefacts related to Hinduism, in this market you will get a limited price and a variety of items, and you can also buy a price. .

2. Shake And Restaurant On, Colva Beach

Located at a distance of just 6 km from the town of Kolwa Beach, Margao, this beach is surrounded by lots of shakes and restaurants. And here you will easily get every type and variety of delicious food, and food buffs can also take advantage of it. From five star to 3 star, small restaurants will also be available for you here.

3. Nightlife, lighting at, Colva Beach

Like other beaches of Goa, the nightlife at Colva Beach is very beautiful. If you are fond of this type of night life. Or do you prefer. So this beach will provide you with colorful and amazing atmosphere, Colva beach attracts tourists from all over the world, dancing on different types of lights and colorful music shining on every restaurant during the night. If you ever come to visit Goa, then definitely see the nightlife of Colva beach

4. Precautions with Walking, Colva Beach

There are many places around Colva Beach where you can go for a walk. Let us tell you that a lot of such artefacts made in Goa are seen through the building. You will be able to roam in the town of Madgaon, which is 6 kilometers from Colva Beach, which will be seen by the Portuguese robbers breaking down and building their favorite building. To do a photo shoot on Colva Beach, you will get different types of places in every direction, with this we would also like to warn you that if you are away from the water of the beach, it would be better not to take your children away Do, and always follow the guidelines, and also try to keep the beach clean and tidy.

5. How much to travel to, Colva Beach

If you are thinking of walking on Colva Beach. And want to know about entry fees. Let me tell you, there is no cost to roam on Colva beach. You can roam for as long as you want.

4. Best time to visit, Colva Beach

Like other Beaches of Goa, the best time to visit Colva Beach is considered to be the best time from November to March-April. And in these days, there is a mild winter as well as a mild winter. And you can also go out in search of the natural beauty here.

4. How to reach, Colva Beach

If you wish to visit Colva Beach. So you can easily reach Colva Beach in Goa by flight train or by private vehicles. Also, you will have local car bikes available on Colva Beach, through which you can also roam in other places of Goa along with Colva Beach.

4. How to reach via, Colva Beach, Flight

If you plan to leave by flight. So let us tell you that the city of Goa, Dabolim, also known as Dabolim Airport, is the nearest airport to Colva Beach. And the distance of the airport from Colva Beach is about 24 kilometers. At the airport, you will find local vehicles easily, through which you can easily reach Colva Beach.

4. How to get to, Colva Beach, via train

If you want to return the call via train. So the nearest railway station is Margao. Which is located 7 kilometers from Colva Beach. Where every type of local vehicle will be available to you, through which you can easily reach Colva beach.

10. How to reach, Colva Beach, via road

If you go by road. So through Goa's City Panaji Bus Stand, you have to go to Margao Bus Stand, after which you can easily reach Colva Beach from Margao. Here, let us tell you that there is Panaji Bus Stand located about 33 kilometers from Colva Beach. If you go by road then you have roamed all over South Goa along Colva Beach, here local bike or Four Whiller Car will be available for you Rant, just you must have Licences or any ID.

Other information related to Colva Beach:

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